Изя Вайснегер (izyaweisneger) wrote,
Изя Вайснегер

Американский полицейский при исполнении в футболке с расистский эмблемой

У полицейского даже имя есть: Винсент Алтиер
Kick Racist Cops Out of Our Community! Tell MPD To Fire Officer Vincent Altiere!

On June 2, 5, and 13, 2017, Officer Vincent Altiere, Badge #4440, of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department, was seen in the DC community and at the DC Superior Court (where he was present to testify in a criminal case), wearing an offensive, racist, and threatening shirt. The shirt displ...

Posted by Влад Ривлин on 5 авг 2017, 10:52

from Facebook
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